Literally...I Can Guess Your Gender.

Do You Think People You Don't Know Know Your Gender?Well I Do Know Your Gender,Like in the Title of the Quiz And Take My Quiz To See Your Results of Being a F(Female/girl)or M (Male/Boy).

This quiz isn't Just for fun it,will test to see if I'm right about Your Gender Now On One of the questions it asks What is Your Gender?If You don't Know Your Gender Please Consult a Doctor.Anyway Enjoy the Quiz.

Created by: Sherry
  1. What Would You Rather Wear?1 of 3
  2. What Would You Rather Wear?2 of 3
  3. What Would You Rather Wear?3 of 3
  4. (will be an effect to You are a Girl Score if you choose yes)Would You Break The Law?
  5. (Girls Only Questions)How Many Kids Do You Want?
  6. What Hair Do You Have?
  7. What is Your Favorite Color?
  8. What is Your Gender?
  9. Will You Tell People,Spread the Word About This Quiz(effect if say no)
  10. Which Gender Do You Not Want to be?

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Quiz topic: Literally...I Can Guess my Gender.