B.G.S......do YOU have it?

B.G.S. - Big Girl Syndrome- is a serious disease that has infected many. No, it does not necessarily mean girls who are overweight, it means girls who have a big personality. By big, we mean, BIG. Over-confidence, over-exaggeration, and large hand movements are just a few of the symptoms. Notice every word has a prefix of OVER or LARGE. Well, that is what B.G.S. is. Large, in every way. Someone who literally pushes people backwards with their strong presence. Someone who can turn any story into the biggest deal of their lives. Controlling in everyway, those who have B.G.S. may not know it. And those who do know it, may not want to admit it.

Do you think you might have it? Maybe you know someone who has it. Maybe your best friend has it. Take the quiz and find out where you stand. Then, send it to everyone you know. We are sorry to say there is no cure, however, treatment is available. Find it. There are three levels of B.G.S. Do you have it? If so, which level are you in?

Created by: Jakin
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  1. When you talk to someone, you use hand movements...
  2. You come off as being really over confident.
  3. You were made to be the center of attention...
  4. Drama is...
  5. When someone comes to you and tells you that they had a bad day, you...
  6. Speaking of over-exaggeration...you tend to do that...
  7. When you talk to others, your personality/aura/bubble/presence/energy
  8. You ALWAYS have the latest gossip, and you can't wait to tell your friends.
  9. You seriously can make anything into the biggest deal in the world...and you do...
  10. You never let anyone get a word in when you are having a conversation.
  11. You pretty much assume the world revolves around you...right?
  12. Do you ever judge other people's outfits, physical appearance, or personal traits...and forget to look at yourself first.
  13. Have you ever been told you have a "piercing" personality?
  14. Would you consider yourself a controlling type of person?

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Quiz topic: B.G.S......do I have it?