How hot are you!

This quiz is to test how much you think of yourself. Just because you might get "You Are Hot" won't necessarily mean that you are. It could mean that you are just over confident.

Like the "You Are Hot" result, when you get "You Don't Have Confidence" it doesn't necessarily mean that you are ugly. Just that you don't feel anyone would go for you and you would do anything to improve your looks.

Created by: Jessa

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How much confidence do you have with your looks?
  2. How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had?
  3. How much do you flirt?
  4. What kind of clothes do you wear?
  5. Which type of shoes do you prefer?
  6. How often do you hang with the opposite sex?
  7. How often do you hang out with friends?
  8. What's your favorite color? (not much effect)
  9. How much time do you spend in front of a mirror?
  10. Is there anything you would like to change about yourself?

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Quiz topic: How hot am I!