Assertiveness Test

To be Assertive is to defend your personal boundaries in a confident, non aggresive manner. Assertive people stand up for what they believe. Assertive communication consists of sharing one's wants and needs honestly in a safe context.

Are you able to assert yourself with conviction? Do you express your needs in a confident, non agressive manner? Find out how assertive you are with this assertiveness test?

Created by: Shaun Lloyd

  1. Protesting because someone has pushed in front of you in a queue?
  2. Reprimanding an employee or subordinate if necessary?
  3. Complaining about Poor service in shops?
  4. Returning a faulty garment to a shop?
  5. Being unfairly criticised by a friend or colleague?
  6. Being bossed about unnecessarily by another person?
  7. Disagreeing with a domineering or overbearing person's opinions?
  8. Expressing angry or upset feelings to other people?
  9. Saying 'no' to a very persistent salesman?
  10. Challenging false rumours that someone has spread about you?
  11. Asking a friend to lend you money, if it became necessary?
  12. Expressing controversial opinions?
  13. Starting a conversation with a stranger?
  14. Complaining about unsatisfactory food in a restaurant?
  15. Asking other people on a training course to stop talking, so that you can hear the speaker?
  16. Saying something which you know other people will be upset about?
  17. Complaining about being short-changed in a shop?
  18. Insisting that someone who is reluctant to do so should return the favour?
  19. Demanding money from someone who owes it to you?
  20. Refusing to do someone a favour or lend them money when you don't want to?
  21. Cutting a conversation with someone talkative short because you want to leave?
  22. Asking someone on the train to turn down the volume of their music?
  23. Challenging someone over a racist or sexist comment?
  24. Requesting an apology from someone who has acted inappropriately?
  25. Raising questions in a meeting at work?

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