Are You Self Confident??

Determine whether or not you have self confidence. Do you huddle or stand out? Are you random or boring?? This is 100% accurate! THIS IS MY FIRST QUIZ SO ENJOY!!!

Are YOU self confident? Take this quiz and find out! Bur just a waning, you won't always get expected results. But this quiz is 100% accurate so if you are, good for you!!! If your not, sorry :(.

Created by: Madison

  1. You go to a party. You are wearing...
  2. Makeup?
  4. Ok. I lied. There's more questions. :3
  5. Shape?
  6. Someone hold out their fist for a fist bump. You.....
  7. Body WEIGHT? (pounds)
  8. How do you feel about yourself?
  9. Speak your mind?
  10. Tell jokes or stories?
  11. This quiz....
  12. Rate?
  13. Comment?
  14. Alright.... This time I mean it! BYE!!!

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Quiz topic: Am I Self Confident??