How Much Does She Like You?

Okay, so there's a girl you're thinking about. She might like you, you may or may not like her. It's tough figuring us girls out, especially when you don't have any girls to go to for advice. And that's when you need a test like this, made by a girl who knows girly emotions like the back of her hand. Based on body language and emotional signals, this test will give you results that are quite possibly accurate.

So (phew) it's not impossible to figure out how this girl feels about you without straight-up asking her. In other words, take this test to figure out her feelings... and possibly decide on your next move! Remember to be honest, and think through your answers (you don't want to be lied to) and good luck!

Created by: D'Mela
  1. The classic question--how much does she look at you when you two aren't talking?
  2. How does she respond if/when you talk to her?
  3. What happens if you accidentally/casually touch (for example, you touch her arm, your legs touch, or you pat her shoulder)?
  4. Which way does she seem to be facing if she's sitting near you (not across from you)?
  5. Which is the MOST accurate?
  6. When do you two talk the most?
  7. What's she like around other guys? Be honest.
  8. What is her facial expression like when she looks at you?
  9. Her friends see you when she's not around. What do they do?
  10. So what does your gut tell you? Be completely honest with yourself here. What kind of energy does she give off?
  11. Final question: what do you two talk about the MOST?

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