Are you alpha girl material?

There are many girls you wonder if they fit in a clique or not. My quiz doesn't tell how to be a clique girl but how you can be an alpha girl. Alpha girls are super envied.

Some girls don't don't care whether they do or do not whether they don't fit in. Alpha girls usually have something they are envied for like a pretty bedroom, witty comebacks etc.

Created by: Avuzwa.N
  1. Where do you shop?
  2. Do have designer items?
  3. Are you in a clique?
  4. What status do have in your clique?
  5. What are you?
  6. What colour do you like?
  7. What is your favourite clothing item?
  8. A guy asks you to the school dance what do you say?
  9. Which movie do you like?
  10. You and your crush come from the movies, how do you say good bye?

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Quiz topic: Am I alpha girl material?