What's Your School Clique?

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In this quiz you just clicked on, you will be clicking on clicks to find your school clique! I worked pretty hard on this, images and all. I OBVIOUSLY didn't draw the anime, or else I would be so proud of myself. I know that this is pretty short. Sorry, I got lazy at the end of it.

In this clique quiz, you can either be a- no wait, it's a surprise! I know you are probably insanely irritated with me right now since I tricked you into thinking that you get a sneak peek. MWAHAHA! You have been FOOLED. Anyways enjoy the clique quiz! This might not be accurate, by the way. 100% based on my observations and silent judgement of others.

Created by: Human with Anxiety
  1. "Are you excited about this quiz?" (This does not affect your score)
  2. "Do you like school?"
  3. "How many friends do you have?"
  4. "Do people like or dislike you?"
  5. "I'm lazy, so here's your almost final question. Do you want to be popular, or are you already popular?"
  6. "If you didn't see, I said your ALMOST final question. So here is your last question! How did you like this quiz?"
  7. "NEVERMIND! Sorry I have to do more questions to publish it so these don't count :P"
  8. This doesn't count either; neither do the next couple :)
  9. Okay this is a useless one too that doesn't count :) Select one please ;v;
  10. This doesn't count either; LAST ONE! THEN YOU GET YOUR RESULTS o.O

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Quiz topic: What's my School Clique?