The Clique #1 Quiz (Very Difficult)

The Clique series is a #1 New York Times bestselling series by Lisi Harrison. Girls all over the world have falling in love with the ah-mazing Massie Block, the main character who is trying to keep her role as alpha over Octavian Country Day School.

Do you love The Clique? Have you read all the books? Have you gone to the websites? Are you a huge fan? If so, prove it. it's time to put your money where your (hopefully well-glossed) mouth is.

Created by: Alaina
  1. In the first scene of the book, while Massie and her mom are fighting, what magazine is Massie's dad reading?
  2. Who waxes Kristen's eyebrows?
  3. What bag does Alicia carry on the first day of school?
  4. What soap opera does "cute coma guy", aka Derek Divine, act on?
  5. When Massie and Layne attend Tranquility Nail Salon, what color does Massie convince Layne to paint her nails?
  6. When Claire goes swimming with Kristen, Dylan and Alicia she convinces them her Target bathing suit is actually a(n) _____________?
  7. When Kristen's dad was rich, what was his job?
  8. What sneakers does Saylene Homer wear during gym class when she is Massie's doubles partner?
  9. Why is Claire grounded?
  10. What secret does Massie tell Claire?

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