what clique should you be in?

prep, jock, stoner, punk, goth, emo, nerd...the are cliques.... CLIQUE:n. A small exclusive group of friends or associates... thats the definition of a Clique and we all know schools can make it much more difficult so its important to find out...who should you be in with?

Some people have identity issues caused by these so called "cliques". Its hard to find where you belong, so take this quiz and get in where you belong!

Created by: Erin Hinrichs
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you spend your weekends...
  2. your idea of a sport is..
  3. Where do you shop for clothing?
  4. what do you drive
  5. your current hair style is...
  6. your favorite TV show is...
  7. anarchy is...
  8. if you could be any of the following which would you be?
  9. life would be easier if...
  10. you are on the computer because..

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Quiz topic: What clique should I be in?