What High School Clique Do You Belong In

Whether you're in high school, or just graduated, or are attending your high school reunion, you know how cliques work out. Everyone belongs somewhere, and you can't do anything outside of your "expected" actions, etc. Now, this quiz contains stereotyped cliques, so don't be mad if you get classified as something way opposite of what you really are.

Now, take the quiz and find out whether you're a jock, or a skater! A geek or a cheerleader! This quiz will let you know "where you belong" and might even make changes in your life (but please, don't blame me for them).

Created by: xmarksthespot
  1. What is you ultimate goal in life?
  2. Favorite clothing store:
  3. After school, you:
  4. Out of all these, which one do you prefer?
  5. Out of these, what's the best?
  6. Do you like video games?
  7. A duck is:
  8. Someone starts speaking s--- to you in the hallway. What do you do?
  9. What's your favorite music style?
  10. Are you doing well in school?

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Quiz topic: What High School Clique do I Belong In