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  • 84% Skater.........I dont even know how to skate but i do own a skateboard.
    82% Class Clown??? I really dont believe that at all XD
    76% Goth- Fav Color Black but i dont express it to others so mabye this is my inner soul
    62% Jock?!?!
    56% Geek/Nerd- Lets try that again im full out nerd
    28% artsy - Totally acceptable

    JadeG14 Oct 25 '15, 8:56AM
  • The fact that I should "Be Ashamed" that I'm a jock is pathetic. If I like sports and my friends do as well, I shouldn't be ashamed. I know that's not exactly what you meant to say (or at least I'm hoping) but the way it came across was absolutely nasty.

    mattkay347 Aug 22 '15, 11:33PM
  • Yay, I'm... 74% Goth

    DarkMist Jun 29 '15, 2:48AM
  • Yay, I'm... 74% Goth

    DarkMist Jun 29 '15, 2:47AM
  • Artsy, wow. I can't believe that.

    Ant1 Mar 21 '15, 2:03AM
  • Cheerleader
    Um,so, know I do cheer,I'll take that,but,um,urn..

    Awesome3 Dec 15 '14, 10:37PM
  • Class Clown, super true, everybody in my Junior Class would agree!

    unicornchickens Nov 9 '14, 2:09PM
  • I'm a prep! There's no shame in being one. Being called one is like being called the royalty of high school.

    akrafinski Nov 9 '14, 4:06AM
  • i got jock 82 and skater 72. it told me to be ashamed!

    Adrenaline_Guy Nov 6 '14, 9:48PM
  • my mind is not empty. I may not have the best of grades right now(mostly D's) but i used to have straight A's. I stopped doing work and now i barely get D's

    DarkVisions70221 Feb 1 '12, 2:52PM
  • hahah...class clown......so freakin true....

    Princess Bigfoot Dec 29 '11, 3:39PM
  • heheh... ima nerd...

    Skittleluvin Dec 20 '11, 10:09AM
  • I'm not a goth. I'm a metalhead.

    Good quiz though

    JFACmetalhead Apr 12 '10, 7:43AM

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