How Well Do You Know Alpha and Shadow?

Alpha and Shadow is a fan fiction my good friend is writing. I decided to make a quiz for it. So those of you Alpha and Shadow readers, gather around! Do you have what it takes to pass?

Every Alpha Rider needs courage, boldness, an Alpha Stone, and of course knowledge. How much do you know of Hyrith, Wolf, Jasmine, Axtar, Ak the Insane, and Diamond Rider's adventures? Youre a few clicks away.

Created by: Aleah Calmary
  1. Which user plays Hyrith?
  2. Which user plays Wolf Hofferson?
  3. Which user plays Jasmine?
  4. Which user plays Axtar?
  5. Which user plays Ak the Insane?
  6. Which user plays Diamond Rider?
  7. Where does the story begin?
  8. Which Dragon Academy riders were mentioned
  9. Which Alpha Rider (other than Hyrith) was mentioned first?
  10. Which Alpha Rider (other than Diamond Rider) was mentioned last?
  11. Where do the Alpha Riders meet in the night?
  12. What is Waterspout's new name when she transforms into an Alpha?
  13. Who guesses that the Alpha Riders will find a Shadow Dragon scale to track the drsgon?
  14. Who suggests a race?
  15. Who wins?
  16. How many wings does Winter have?
  17. Who finds the Shadow scale?
  18. Which Shadow boss ambushes the Alpha Riders?
  19. Which Dragon was used?
  20. Who charms the guard into giving the Riders bread and water?
  21. Who throws the water to the dragon cage?
  22. Who gets the lightning dagger?
  23. Who gets the season dagger?
  24. Who gets the Shadow sword?
  25. Where do the Alpha Riders head to after trashing the Shadow Base?
  26. Who is Ami?
  27. What does Ami tell Wolf?
  28. What does Ami tell Jasmine
  29. What does Ami tell Axtar?
  30. What does Ami tell Ak?
  31. What does Ami tell Hyrith?
  32. Which Dragon does Axtar tame?
  33. Who is queen of the Valkyries (according to this fan fic)?
  34. Who wins the thunder suit in a duel against Mysentho (Mysi)
  35. Who joins the Alpha Riders?
  36. Who dies?
  37. Which Shadow is Axtar related to?
  38. Which Shadow is Wolf related to?
  39. Who is Axtar ' s younger sister
  40. Which dragon attacks Wolf and ak
  41. Which dragon attacks Axtar, Jasmine, and Diamond Rider?
  42. Who is the Guardian of Berk?
  43. Which dragon is Queen Nexus most like?
  44. Which dragon is Xeon mostmlike?
  45. Who wins?
  46. Who wrote this amazing story?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Alpha and Shadow?