How well do you know Warrior Cats PART 2

Thank you for taking my quiz! Thank you to Random101 for giving me advice, to. And if I spell words wrong, I'm sorry I'm human. I hope you get the advice of you get a bad thing. Please.

Rules are BE NICE, be fair, and exept I'm human. You are human to, and *ahem* coping my questions. You may change them, but THIS quiz belongs to ME. Thank you. Have fun!

Created by: Berryheart

  1. What is Jayfeather's disabilitie?
  2. Who told Firestar about the Power Of Three profecy?
  3. Who does Sandstorm fight in the Dark Forest war?
  4. Who is Brambleclaw's sister?
  5. Tawnypelt and Rowanstar have three kits, and one falls in love with a she-cat named Dovewing. Two questions: What clan is she from, and who is her sister?
  6. Crow feather falls in love with two she-cats, Leafpool and Feathertail. The next she-cat he has to have as a mate to prove his loyalty. What's the she-cats name?
  7. Hollyleaf kills someone. Who is it?
  8. In the book Crookedstar's Promise, his mother, Rainflower, abandons him. Then a she-cat "helps" him. What's her name?
  9. What's Dovewing's mother's name?
  10. What's Yellowfang's grandma's name?
  11. Feathertail dies in the series The New Profecy. How?
  12. What was Firestar's kittypet name?
  13. In the book Firestar's Jorney, who goes with him on the adventure?
  14. Who does Bluestar fall in love with?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Warrior Cats PART 2