How well do you know Warrior Cats?

Erin Hunter is a amazing author who wrote the series The Warrior Cats. These books have been an inspiration to me and I hope that you have had the opportunity to read them.

How well do you know The Warrior Cats? Take my quiz and find out! Please do not copy the questions; although if you like the theme, you are welcome to spread the warrior cat love with your own quiz.

Created by: Berryheart
  1. Which leader went on a jorney with the kittypet Jake?
  2. which Dark Forest warrior killed his own father?
  3. How many mates did Tigerstar have? What were their names?
  4. Who was Yellowfang's seceret mate?
  5. Who was Blusestar's dead kit's name?
  6. Which she-cat had an injured face from a fight with dogs?
  7. In the book Bluestar's Profecy, her sister, Snowfur, has a kit. What's the kit's warrior name?
  8. What kills Snowfur?
  9. Spottedleaf gets a profecy about Firepaw. What is it?
  10. After Silverstream, Graystripe finds another mate. What's her name?
  11. Besides Sandpaw/Sandstorm, when Firepaw joined ThunderClan, who didn't want him there?
  12. Firestar and Sandstorm has two kits. What are their names?
  13. Did Cinderpelt ever have a crush on Firestar?
  14. What she-cat did Ashfur have a broken heart over?
  15. What's the most hated clan on all the clan's?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Warrior Cats?