Your Warrior Cats Life Part 1

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There are many stories about warrior cats, but now it is time for YOU to have one! It's time for a new beginning as you start out as Breezepaw, the most attractive apprentice in the Clan.

Who do you love? The gentle and shy Ripplepaw? Or the strong and ambitious Thornpaw? Or maybe that cat from DuskClan? It's all up to you in this epic quiz series.

Created by: _Skystead_
  1. Okay, so this is my first quiz and I'm making it on an iPad so don't judge if I make a typo, okay?
  2. So your name is Breezepaw and you're a she cat so if you're a boy then LEAVE but sorry for the bummer.
  3. You puff your chest with pride as you were just made an apprentice, along with Thornpaw and Ripplepaw. Your mentor is Ambersplash, while Thornpaw's mentor is Ferntail and Ripplepaw's mentor is Riverdream.
  4. /TIMELAPSE\ 2 1/2 moons later you're patrolling along with Ambersplash, Thornpaw, Ripplepaw, and their mentors when you scent a enemy Clan inside your borders!
  5. (No matter what you chose) You found the intruding DuskClan cats. One of the cats, a light brown tabby, meowed, "Sorry for intruding, we just haven't set the markers in a while."
  6. The Tom pads away into his own territory as Ripplepaw asks you to go hunt with him, but then Thornpaw came up to you and asked to go train with him.
  7. (Choose 'didn't choose this one' if you chose Thornpaw) You and Ripplepaw have a competition to see who gets the most prey when you notice a enemy clan heading towards your camp!
  8. (Choose 'didn't choose this one' if you chose Ripplepaw) You were training with Thornpaw, teaching each other battle moves when you see an enemy Clan heading to your camp!
  9. You ran back to camp to see that the enemy Clan had attacked! You kept at one Tom when you realized it was that cat from the petrol earlier!
  10. He looked at you with a hint of regret in his eyes and murmured, "I-I'm sorry." He ran off towards the entrance, pretending to have gotten a beating,
  11. You look around the camp and see Timestar underneath a wave of DuskClan cats.
  13. Did you like it?

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