Your Warrior Cats Life Part 3 (For She-cats only!)

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It's time for you to have a story of your own. Your own warrior cat. No more of the stories of other cats. It is time for you to have a story.

You start out as Breezewhisper, the most attractive cat in DawnClan, with toms padding after you. So who do you choose? The courageous but short tempered Thornwhisker? Maybe the calm and gentle Rippledrip? Or maybe the sweet and kind Grayclaw, from DuskClan? It's time for you to choose.

Created by: _Skystead_

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  1. This is gonna be the last quiz in the series, so I hope you liked it enough for me to make another!
  2. (RECAP) You, Rippledrip, and Thornwhisker were made warriors.
  3. You are out patrolling with Rippledrip, Thornwhisker, and Whitefang, the Clan deputy, when you see a gray paw in the bushes far off, gesturing for you to come.
  4. You pad to where the paw motioned for you to come, and as you expected, Grayclaw was standing there. "Hey," he meowed. "Hey," you replied. "What are you.. doing here?" "Seeing you, of course!" Grayclaw purred.
  5. He purred and stepped closer. You felt his warm breath on your whiskers as he murmured, "I love you."
  6. *LATER, AT THE GATHERING* Timestar leaped up the Great Oak, sitting on one of the branches. Beside him sat Huntstar, leader of WispClan. On the other branch sat DuskClan's dangerous leader, Mudstar, and beside him sat Longstar, leader of MistClan. Timestar stepped forward, his fur bristling. "DuskClan has had enough ambushing for one moon!" he spat. All the other Clan cats shouted along, except DuskClan, you, and Grayclaw. Longstar signaled his tail for silence. "Let Mudstar speak." he ordered. Mudstar stepped forward, casting a dangerous glance over the cats. "DuskClan will be the strongest Clan in the forest, or I'll be rabbit meat!" Everyone yowled threats.
  7. "Silence!" Huntstar yowled. "We all agree that Mudstar should stop his evil rule in DuskClan." He turned to Mudstar. "You must stop this now, or all of the Clans will unite against yours." "And how do you know they will?" Mudstar spat back. Longstar stood up, turning to Mudstar. "MistClan will fight alongside WispClan." "And so will DawnClan," Timestar meowed, standing up as well. "You are all fools!" Mudstar hissed. He backed up slowly. "DuskClan will rule the forest one day!" He stepped on the edge of the branch, losing his footing and slipping off the edge. He fell down 15 foxlengths, landing on the ground with a loud thump. His body lay unmoving.
  8. You turned to Grayclaw, his face mixed with grief and.. was that.. pleasure? All of the cats cheered on, even the DuskClan cats. "Silence!" Timestar said, leaping down the tree and standing before them. "For a great cat has been lost."
  9. *AFTER THE VIGIL* You padded along the edge of the hollow, where Grayclaw walked with you. Then Thornwhisker and Rippledrip padded up to you. "Erm, Breezewhisper, we wanted to say something to you." "What is it?" you mewed, glancing from them to Grayclaw. "Well, I.." muttered Rippledrip. "I love you." "And so do I," Thornwhisker added. "So, who will you choose?" "But I love Grayclaw!" you mewed out loud. They gasped, looks of shock and horror spread on their faces. "That's against the warrior code!" "Don't you think I don't know that?" you spat. Rippledrip and Thornwhisker looked at each other and back at you. "W-who will you choose, then?"
  10. That's the end! So how did you like my quiz series..?
  11. Just random question.. Pick a face

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Quiz topic: My Warrior Cats Life Part 3 (For She-cats only!)