What Warriors OC Of Mine Are You?(Only medicine cats)

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Many, many people have read the famous book series Warrior Cats and decided to make their own OCs. Some turn out amazing, while others turn out HORRIBLY, like Stargleam from Starkit's Prophecy. I like to think my Warriors OCs are good, that is why I made a quiz about them and which OC you would be most like!. It's only about the medicine cats though, since medicine cat is my favorite rank and I love my medicine cats more than my other Warriors OCs. Anyway, why not take my second quiz? I bet you'd enjoy it! ^ω^.

Ever since Warrior Cats came out, it has been a huge hit. And as a result, thousands of people have made their own little Warrior Cats. Take this quiz to see which Warriors OC of mine your most like! Exclusively medicine cats, and I PROMISE they are not Mary Sues. Or at least I hope not! o^o.

Created by: Woopkip
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  1. Heyo! Welcome to my second quiz, a Warrior Cats quiz! I'm not gonna talk for too long, so lets get straight to the point!.
  2. First of all, what kind of cat is your favorite?
  3. The SnowClan camp was invaded by dogs/foxes/badgers/aliens/badOCs and your Clan is severely injured! After the battle, who do you heal first?
  4. How long do you want to be a medicine cat?
  5. Is there a prophecy about you?
  6. Every medicine cat has a connection with StarClan! How strong is yours?
  7. Which trait is most like you?
  8. How often do you get depressed?
  9. Which Warrior Cats YouTuber is your favorite, out of these?
  10. RolePlay time! :3 Let's say your a medicine cat apprentice and your mentor starts bossing you around for no reason. What do you do?.
  11. Here's another RolePlay: Your at a gathering and fall in love with the most handsome/beautiful tom/she-cat you've ever seen. They ask you to meet them by the SnowClan border tomorrow night, but what do YOU do?.
  12. At the next gathering you overhear that the tom/she-cat in the other question, lets just call him/her Snowfall(♀)/Suntail(♂), now has a mate! Your reaction?.
  13. Well, this is the end of the quiz! Make sure to rate, comment, all the good stuff!.
  14. Okay, I'm not. One of the results is way too OP and I need to even the playing field. Why are you medicine cat in the first place?.

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Quiz topic: What Warriors OC Of Mine am I?(Only medicine cats)