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  • Undertale RP!
    "Since the place I'm usually on isn't working very well right now, I guess I'll RP for a bit. You can RP as any Undertale character, even Jer..."
  • FNAF Chat
    "He's the bad guy .3."
  • FNAF Chat
    "No, he doesn't. Also, sorry for the inactivity, I just get very bored here. Obsessed with Mettaton now aha"
  • "I wish I knew these characters, I don't know any of 'em .-. *Stumbles back into trash can*"
  • Undertale
    "Undertale really is awesome, the fanbase can be pretty... psychotic, though. WHO CARES AHAHAHAHA"
  • "Dats a lot of baes I prefer the term waifu or senpai"
  • "...Guess no one cares haha"
  • "Anyone can comment on this and fangirl/boy over their video game crushes. Please, do not insult who users love-remember that these are FICTI..."
  • FNAF Chat
    "[Testing out new icon, it will not show up until I post something. Papyrus~)"
  • Writing stuff.
    "Hah I bet you thought I left. Lol nope. The only results I have to do are Balloon Boy and Marionette. I HAVE NO IDEA WHO TO DO"
  • FNAF Chat
    "I heard there was going to be a FNAF movie. I just hope the animatronics don't look how the Ninja Turtles did in the 2014 TMNT movie."
  • FNAF Chat
    "I think Jeff is very overrated...I mean, there are tons of Creepypasta OCs based off of him. Nina the Killer, Jane the Killer, etc. But we'r..."
  • FNAF Chat
    "Yup. Tails Doll is my favorite creepypasta."
  • FNAF Chat
    "I may not be on for very long, sorry."
  • FNAF Chat
    "Just your average FNAF thread."

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