Which FNAF character will love you?

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Created by: Berryheart

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  1. Who's your fav?
  2. Who is your bff?
  3. Hi
  4. ?
  5. Fredbear
  6. Bonnie, Chica, and Golden Freddy come up to you. "Pizza!" Chica holds out a piece of pizza as Golden Freddy says, "We need to talk to you."
  7. Whatever you do, Bonnie speaks up. "A new night guard is here and you need to chose a partner: Chica, me, Golden Freddy, Freddy, or Foxy."
  8. Whatever you chose, Golden Freddy goes with you. You are standing where no camara can see you, while Golden Freddy in hiding behind the Guard's camara-checker.
  9. You get the night guard. Chica gives you three slices of pizza. You guys then wait 'till the kids get there. A little blond girl comes up to you. "Winter!" She smiles.
  10. The little girl squeals happily and runs to her mother. A little black-head boy then comes up to you. "Hug?" He sobs.

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