Which FNAF night guard are you?

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Freddy: Welcome to the night guard quiz, if you are on great if you aren't, then let's figure out which one you really are. Make sure to comment below who you think that you may be before you start the test.

Imagine you are in a maze figuring out where to go to find the exit, it's just like pretending that you don't know who you are, and you are taking this quiz to see. Tell me what night guard you are.

Created by: OBI#23

  1. How old?
  2. Girl or boy
  3. If you could change your name
  4. which snack
  5. Which fnaf game
  6. who is your favorite animatronic?
  7. Which guard are you most not likely to be?
  8. Which guard are you most not likely to be (part 2)
  9. What movie?
  10. Who is better?
  11. Was the test good?
  12. Bite of 87 in your opinion:
  13. Can we guess who you are
  14. Guess who I was
  15. Comment below who you think that I got, when you do, I'll take a look to see if you are right if you are,Reward Choose topic challenge for next quiz choose next quiz

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Quiz topic: Which FNAF night guard am I?