How much do you know about T. Bonnie

A lot of people's favorite antagonist from the Five Nights at Freddy's are Freddy counterparts, Chica counterparts, and, often, Foxy counterparts. My personal favorite, though, is the Bonnie counterpart: Toy Bonnie.

Is YOUR favorite animatronic antagonist Toy Bonnie? Can you prove it? take your knowledge of this amazing animatronic and put it to the test with this amazing quiz and see if you know him like no other! Also get advice in avoiding him.

Created by: hadesman101

  1. What color is T. Bonnie?
  2. What game does he star in?
  3. Where does T. Bonnie start?
  4. You see him more on...
  5. Explain T. Bonnie's jumpscare.
  6. Does he have a "facial recognition system"?
  7. Is he a boy or girl?
  8. Fabric or Plastic?
  9. If you are T.Bonnie, what is your path to the office?
  10. How does Phone guy describe the animatronic's behavior in Night 4?
  11. How his appearance different from Springtrap?
  12. Tell me something about him.
  13. Are you ready for your results?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about T. Bonnie