Which 5 NAF character are you

5 NAF is a game made by Scott Cawthon The characters that I didn't add on here was golden freddy , phantom Bonnie,phantom Bonnie,and phone guy.

Hope u like the quiz oh and I didn't put springtrap on here but whatever.

Created by: HelenaGirl

  1. W h at is your fav.animal
  2. Fav. Color
  3. What would you be in a band
  4. Are or do you want to be a Cherleader
  5. Boy or girl
  6. Pick
  7. Food
  8. Is the puppet the crying kid
  9. Is China's fav. Food pizza or cupcake
  10. Does toy chica take off her beak and eyes
  11. What color is freddy's hat
  12. Is mangle a boy/girl
  13. Does old foxy look just like the one on 5naf 1
  14. Is toy Bonnie a boy or girl
  15. Last question did you like the quiz

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Quiz topic: Which 5 NAF character am I