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A simple quiz of Phantom what do you know of the Show, Actors, Books and the movies? Test your Phantom Phanaticism here. Aspects of the stage, the actors, the movies, and even dialogue will be presented to the quizzers.

"A Diamond and a Butterfly were of Equal value in his eyes"-GL "A mask my first...unfeeling scrap of clothing..."-AW Which are you? A Webber Phantom Phanatic? A Leroux? Neither? All of the above? Erotic Novel? Herbert Lom? Phantom of Manhattan? Who is to know! But lets see if you DO know anything of this man of mystery to start!

Created by: Ena

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  1. Who duetted with Sarah Brightman in the pop single 'The Phantom of the Opera"?
  2. Which of the following have never played the Phantom?
  3. The US Tour of Phantom celebrates which anniversary in December 2007?
  4. What is the Phantom's real name?
  5. Which of these books was not written by French Phantom author Gaston Leroux?
  6. Which Phantom actress played Rose in the BBC TV comedy series "Keeping Up Appearances?"
  7. At which production of Phantom did Robert Guillaume take over from Michael Crawford?
  8. On what performance did The Phantom become the longest running show in Broadway history?
  9. Who first portrayed the Phantom on film?
  10. Gaston Leroux's novel tells us the Phantom was born in a little town not far from..
  11. Who were the 1999 US National Tour Cast Christine and Raoul?
  12. Which former Coronation Street star performed in the original Phantom London cast?
  13. What was the name of the 1974 version of Phantom?
  14. Which London theatre witnessed the world premiere of The Phantom of the Opera?
  15. Complete the lyric.."Masquerade! Grinning yellows.."
  16. How many Tony Awards has the Phantom of the Opera won?
  17. What year did Phantom open on Broadway?
  18. What is the opera score the Phantom brings to the managers?
  19. How does Christine refer to the Phantom?
  20. On any given night, what is the maximum number of professional companies that would be performing Phantom in the US?
  21. Which company created the chandelier used in the 2004 movie?
  22. Which international production was the only production to make it's own interpretation of Webber's Phantom?
  23. Which of these actors has not played the Phantom on the US tour?
  24. Which actor is the current 2007 Australian Phantom?
  25. Who directed the 2004 film- The Phantom of the Opera?
  26. Who was the 2006/07 World Tour Christine?
  27. Who is the current 2007 Las Vegas Phantom Spectacular Piangi?
  28. Which of the following have never played the Phantom?
  29. Who played the Phantom for the 10th anniversary performance on Broadway?
  30. Which of the following cult films did Phantom Franc D' Ambrosio feature in?
  31. John Cudia who plays the Phantom in the US Tour, debuted on Broadway in what show?
  32. What does Madam Giry warn-"Keep your hands at the level of your eyes?"
  33. On what date does Phantom Celebrate 20 years on Broadway?
  34. How many beads are in the replica Opera House chandelier?
  35. Which original London Cast actor went on to play the 1992 Phantom in the US?
  36. Which Phantom has also played the Phantom in both Singapore and Hong Kon
  37. Which is the last character we see before the show ends?
  38. Who wrote the novel which the musical is based on?
  39. In what year does the story take place when the Opera House was init's full glory?
  40. What was Steve Barton's final role and in which year?

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