Which Danny Phantom Character Are You?

Danny Phantom, Sam Manson, Tucker Foley,... Do you wonder which one you would be most like? Well, here is a quiz that features popular characters from the hit TV show, Danny Phantom! Enjoy!

Been looking for a good quiz on what kind of Danny Phantom character you would be if you got in the TV Show? Don't look any further! This quiz is simple, with straight out questions! Have fun!

Created by: karissa
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  1. It's the school prom! And in one week! To prepare, you:
  2. Chose A Fenton Gadget:
  3. You are in a battle with the Lunch Lady Ghost! To start off with, you:
  4. You're free this Friday night! You decide to:
  5. Which ghost would you rather fight?
  6. Mr. Lancer pulls out a pop quiz! You:
  7. You have finally got the courage to ask your crush out! When they arrive at your house, your mom shows them your teddy bear you still use! You:
  8. You would say your personality is mostly:
  9. It's Monday morning! You decide to wear:
  10. Your friend has just gotten the star role of the school play! You:

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Quiz topic: Which Danny Phantom Character am I?