Which Phantom Mask are you?

Which Phantom Of The Opera Mask are you? Are you the legendary Half Mask, or the more seductive black eye mask? Put your Phantom Knowledge to the test and see which mask you are! Find out!

Michael Crawford IS The Phantom Of The Opera! Let's get a true representation of your character! Seductive? Mysterious? Or CRAZY?! The Phantom Of The Opera is in us all...

Created by: Thomas
  1. Your favourite "Phantom Of The Opera" is?
  2. Who is your favourite Christine?
  3. And your favourite Phantom Song is?
  4. And your favourite Phantom Song is?
  5. You prefer:
  6. How would you describe yourself?
  7. Your favourite colour is?
  8. Pick your favourite quotation:
  9. You Prefer:
  10. What do you think to the ideal of a sequel to "Andrew Lloyd Webbers: The Phantom Of The Opera"

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Quiz topic: Which Phantom Mask am I?