How much do you know about Phantom of the Opera? ( the 2004 movie

I made this quiz because, if you didn't already know, I love Phantom of the Opera!!! Most of everything I have is Phantom of the Opera...well not that much, but some of my stuff is. Pluse I have two pictures of the Phantom, hanging in my room right now, so please enjoy my quiz!

Do you know how much you know about Phantom of the Opera? After answering my question's, you will see, in persentage, how much you know about phantom of the opera! Let's all hope you have atleast seen the movie and wont be guessing for my question' here we go.

Created by: Kayla
  1. Now this is easy. What part of the Phantom's face is deformed?
  2. How many outfits does Christine have?
  3. Who play's Raoul? (guess if you don't know)
  4. During "Maquerade" everyone was an animal or certain person. Who were Raoul and Christine suppost to be?
  5. Who are the 2 old people in the begining?
  6. What book was the movie baced on?
  7. How old was Christine when she came to the opera house?
  8. What color are the Phantom's eyes?
  9. How much younger/older is the Phantom then Madame Giry?
  10. The Phantom had a music box with a fake monkey on top of it. What does Christine think of it?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Phantom of the Opera? ( the 2004 movie