Do you know your Phantom and V?

If you go on youtube, you may have stumbled upon videos of Phantom of the Opera and V for Vendetta and thought 'Wow... look at this crap!' So you watched it because you were bored, and realized 'WOW! AWESOME!' How well do you know your Phantom and V?

You love them. You hate them. Phantom and V! How well do you know them? From the very first episodes to the new releases, test your knowledge of the dynamic duo that is sweeping the nation! PHANTOM AND V!

Created by: ZShadow of Phantom and V videos
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  1. Let's start off with something easy. What movie is V from?
  2. Ok, ok. Let's hope you got that last one. Now they start getting a bit tougher! What does Phantom FIRST say to V in the very first episode?
  3. In what episode do Phantom and V team up and forever create the duo of 'Phantom AND V?'
  4. What video is the most watched out of the Phantom and V videos?
  5. What is V's nickname for Edward Scissorhands?
  6. What does Jack Sparrow steal from Phantom in 'Phantom and V vs. Jack Sparrow
  7. In the battle between Darth Vader, who dies first? Phantom or V?
  8. Who won Phantom Idol according to Popular Vote in the poll?
  9. What does Phantom attract with his new brand of Axe Bosy Spray?
  10. On what day was the 'Phantom and V say Goodbye' video uploaded, announcing the end of Season 1 for Phantom and V?
  11. In 'Phantom and V in 300', why aren't the 300 soldiers helping Phantom and V fight the immortals?
  12. Hm... You're doing good. Lets try this. Who was the boss that Phantom and V faced in the final battle of 'Phantom and V in a Video Game?'
  13. In 'Phantom and V vs. Sweeney Todd', what pops out of Phantom's meat pie? That totally didn't sound right...
  14. How many music videos has ZShadow made? This does not include 'Phantom's Tale', 'Face Unseen' and 'Lonely'.
  15. Who freezes Phantom in the 'Random Movie Trailer'?
  16. Who freezes Phantom in the 'Random Movie Trailer'?
  17. Do you love Phantom and V? Be careful... this is a tough one.

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Quiz topic: Do I know my Phantom and V?