Which Main Character From Phantom Of The Opera Are You?

Phantom of The Opera is one of the most successful and most popular musicals and films in the world, the main characters are recognised for their different personalities and traits throughout the tail, the 2004 film was particularly successful, this was the film which gave the boost for many of it's leading actors/actress's titles in hollywood. Emmy Rossum + Gerard Butler are an example of this.

So which Phantom of The Opera film character are you? Take this quiz to get a slight idea in which league you are in with which main character. You may already have a slight idea, but please take this quiz for fun =], these results may not be as you expected so please answer the questions within it TRUTHFULLY!! Not just how you'd LIKE them to be!! Enjoy

Created by: Jessicarr.Rawr
  1. At school/college etc. where would you be and what would you be doing if you had a free period?
  2. Pick your most likely to be said phrase...
  3. Singing, Dancing, Acting or Writing?
  4. If someone told you that you were beautiful or looked nice etc. what would you say?
  5. If your friends had three words to describe you, what would they most likely be?
  6. If you had to sing at a talent show, what would you most likely sing?
  7. Where is your ideal place for a first kiss?
  8. Choose which expression most catches your eye:
  9. Which singing voice pitch are you better at?
  10. Choose one:

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Quiz topic: Which Main Character From Phantom Of The Opera am I?