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  • Be true to yourselfx Keep on skating, you should be honest to your parents about who your really are! They love you and should support you in whatever they do! Just dont give up!

    I have no idea about the clothes as i live in the UKxx Sorry , why dont your research this on internet clothes websites in Las Vegas???

    Hope I helpedxx =]

  • I was Raoul. I dont no who he is cause i've never seen the play. I hardly ever fall in love, though.

    I have 2 questions. 1 I like skating but parent make me wear skrts. People at sk8park think I'm stupid. Should i keep sk8ing?

    Where can I get colorful spunky tomboy clothes in Las Vegas?

  • I was 89% Christine!!! Awesome!!! I love Phantom of the Opera!! I love the 2001 version. I love the Phantom as well! I love singing!! Bye!

  • I got the Phantom. The Phantom of the Opera is actually my second favorite movie. xD


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