Do You Know Phantom?

The Phantom of the Opera is a well know story. It has been made into several books, movies, and musicals. This quiz is mainly about the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical and the original book.

Are you a phan? Do you really know Phantom? Well here's your chance to find out! Questions aren't in a particular order, so make sure you know what they are talking about before answering.

Created by: TheaterGeek

  1. We'll start off with an easy one, Who is Erik?
  2. Who wrote the novel Phantom?
  3. Who was the part of Christine written for in the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical?
  4. True or False, The Phantom Dies in the original book
  5. Who dies in Love Never Dies?
  6. Who played The Phantom in the 25th Anniversary of the musical?
  7. Who played The Phantom in the filmed live on stage movie of Love Never Dies?
  8. What year did Gaston Leroux Die?
  9. What year was the original novel first published?
  10. What month was the musical's first broadway show?
  11. Who was the original Las Vegas Christine, besides Sierra Boggess?
  12. In the Las Vegas production at what point in the show does the chandelier crash?
  13. True or False, In the Las Vegas production The Phantom nearly kills Raoul with the punjab lasso
  14. True or False, There is a sword fight in the Broadway and West End musical
  15. True or False, the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical won a Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Light Design, in the year 1988
  16. Who wrote the original lyrics for Love Never Dies?
  17. In the musical Phantom dose Erik die?
  18. True or False, in the musical Phantom Christine DaaƩ was played by Glory Crampton
  19. Did Robert Cuccioli play Erik in the 2007-2008 Westchester revival of the musical Phantom?
  20. One last qestion, in what year was the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical's first West End show?

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