The Phantom of the Opera

Do you have what it takes to enter this quiz and Pass. Its not for the faint hearted. It takes a true Phan to do this madness and pass with a hundred.

It is just a brief quiz on some Phantom of the Opera fun facts. I had a fun time makeing this with my friend Johnny, and i hope you like it too.It shoul be something to get your brain going if you like PotO as much as I do.

Created by: Kara-el
  1. What is the Phantoms real name in the movie?
  2. In what year was the remake movie made? (the one with Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum as the stars)
  3. What is the first song the Phantom and Christine sing together?
  4. Who knows of the Phantom first?
  5. Total, how many songs does Christine sing with the Phantom...not including Don Juan
  6. How many songs does Minnie Driver ( Carlotta ) sing in this movie
  7. OK Now... this one will be No DOUBT harder than a brick wall if you havent heard this song, that was a deleted scene from the movie. Who sings the song "No One Would Listen"?
  8. Now this is a quiz for someone who has either seen the movie One to many times...or has a good eye...Or maybe both 0.o. What is a blooper in the ending scene when Meg reaches the Phantoms domain?
  9. What is the costume name the the Phantom wore when he crashed the Masquerade Ball?
  10. Whats is Christines lover boy,Raouls last name?
  11. What nationality is Christine and Carlotta?
  12. Who is Carlottas love? (Hint:the Phantom kills him)
  13. What was the Phantom mostly refered to in the Opera House?
  14. What is the name of the Opera house?
  15. What was the Phantom known as in the caravel side show as a young boy?
  16. What did the Phantom do in result of the managers not obeying his orders in the production of IL Muto?
  17. What was Christines father famouse for?
  18. What year did the whole Phantom of the Opera affair start?
  19. OK and for the grand fanale...what year was Christine Born on and Died on?

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