What Fnaf1 Character Are You?

(by the way fnaf2 is in this I made a mistake sorry) Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria is a family-friendly restaurant themed around lovable animatronics that sing during the day, a place of fun and joy for children and parents alike. At night, however, the restaurant takes a dark turn, and those same animatronics take to roaming the halls of the pizzeria. As the new night shift security guard, Jeremy Fitzgerald (you) has to work the night shift, from 12-6 AM, for 5 days. Jeremy's job as the night guard is to watch over the animatronics via cameras around the pizzeria, using a flashlight to see inside dark areas - including the shadowed, doorless hallway that leads into the office. Will you become one of these shadowy animatronics, and if they did, who would they stuff you in.

This is about personality, are you the lovable Chica, or bossy freddy. Hopefully they don't stuff you into a suit! But if they did... That's what this quiz is for and by the way I am stuffed inside bonnie right now so come be nightguard at this wonderful place!

Created by: pancakequeen
  1. Fav. Color? BTW I said it was FNAF1 but this quiz is 4 FNAF2!!!
  2. Fav. Thing 2 do?
  3. Fav. Item?
  4. Personality
  5. Way to go?
  6. Fav. Animal?
  7. Crush?
  8. Quiz almost over.
  9. K I can't think of anything.
  10. DONE

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Quiz topic: What Fnaf1 Character am I?