Five Nights At Freddys Quiz

Five Nights at Freddys. A hard game, but a simple concept. Take part in a night guard at Freddy FazBears Pizza! Can you survive? Will your power run out? Well, do you know about it, at least?

Do you know the animatronics? Can you survive? Get the score, and see how well you really know about this hard, but exciting, heart attack- giving horror game.

Created by: Nyan
  1. Lets start easy. Who is the person that calls you on night one and five?
  2. In what year were the animatronics put away?
  3. Which one of these characters is a most likely Easter egg?
  4. What song did they sing in the beginning on the Five Nights at Freddys 2 trailer?
  5. The night 5 phone call, when turned backwards, is suppose to recite which book?
  6. When you beat the game, how much money do you get?
  7. Why did the maker of the game, create the game?
  8. Finish the lyrics- please let us in, don't lock us away, we're not like what your thinking! We're poor little souls...
  9. Which animatronic was (before Foxy) was the one running down the hall?
  10. What is the relationship between Mangle and Foxy?
  11. Finish the lyrics- dashing through the vents,...
  12. Which one of these things, was a major change to fnaf 1, and fnaf 2?
  13. Chica holds what in her hand in fnaf 2?
  14. What is fnaf 3?
  15. There is an actual Five Nights at Freddys! But were is it located?

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