Which Freddy character r u? (random character results)

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Welcome to the quiz...AGAIN!.... so as we explored through slavage and buyable fnaf 6 to the fnaf test we're HERE! the normal quiz1 no special answers

Answers available: Freddy,Bonnie.Chica.Foxy,Fredbear,SpringBonnie! enjoy my fanmans and fangirls (i probably dont have any and will never...) These answers will apeal your QUIZING! needs!

Created by: Fazlover

  1. What do you prefer to do
  2. Gender?
  3. Where would you roam in
  4. What would you end up like
  5. Which fnaf game do you like?
  6. Which prop woukd you hold
  7. Which fan game would you prefer?
  8. i love listing the 2 questions remaining im sad... i had fun... did you?
  9. Favorite color?
  10. The end

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