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  • Yes I got one of the cut lil bunnies (toy bonnie)!!!

    Beenie fnab Oct 6 '18, 5:58PM
    anyway good test loved it
    Fnaf queen out :D :P

    Fnafqueen Jun 19 '16, 6:51AM
  • Awww, I got Bonnie, I really reeeaaally adored Toy Bonnie

    ~ makes sad face

    Azure ToyBonnie Jun 11 '16, 7:51AM
  • Damn it! I got balloon boy...

    JazzoGal May 30 '16, 4:28AM
  • aww man i got foxy i wanted toy freddy

    jackagirl May 29 '16, 11:21PM
  • I got foxy! hah! take that golden freddy!!
    golden freddy: I hate you foxy
    Foxy: *smirk shrugs*
    yeah so i got golden freddy on one quiz and i dont even like him at all

    Autumnthewolf Feb 2 '16, 6:31PM
  • I got my favourite animatronic Foxy and I didn't cheat

    FNAF Fiona Oct 17 '15, 1:14PM
  • I got Marionette..... 97%....

    lokijij Sep 7 '15, 8:33AM
  • I got BONNIE!!! he's mine ^^

    jadeanthebunny Aug 6 '15, 7:55AM
  • Easy to Fnaf quiz! Hard to Fnaf quiz as a boy...

    Alex_Alex Jul 21 '15, 9:37PM
  • omg omg i was hoping there was springtrap :[ ... HOW DID I EVEN GET MY 2 HATED ANIMARONIC puppet :[

    Mangle352 Jun 25 '15, 9:15AM
  • Didn't cheat to get Foxy, I wanted Freddy because of all the quizzes that gave me him..............

    srs, very few have given me Foxy.

    anon1987 Jun 10 '15, 4:59PM
  • I didn't cheat to get Foxy the pirate.But i still got him.:)

    Leaxxx777 Jun 8 '15, 1:48PM
  • I can't see how this was your first quiz it is awesome

    Awesome4Free Jun 2 '15, 2:40AM
  • i did not cheat to get foxy

    foxy da pirate May 26 '15, 8:05PM
  • i did not cheat to get foxy

    foxy da pirate May 26 '15, 8:04PM
  • Who would be your FNAF boyfriend?
    Your Result: Toy Freddy

    resultWow. This is weird, since I don't like Toy Freddy very much at all. But I don't want to disappoint my beautiful, fabulous quiz taker here! Yes, you are beautiful. Or handsome, if your a man. Now back to Toy Freddy. Toy Freddy is extremely kind, but blind to those who use him. He loves hugs and making people happy, which you love about him. When you were depressed one night, making even your pillow cry, Toy Freddy took time out of his busy life to comfort you. And that night he confessed his love to you. You were so touched you were filled with happiness that made the despair in your heart go away and kissed Toy Freddy. Then you became boyfriend and girlfriend. Toy Freddy is generous, funny, and always makes you smile even in times of sadness. You have a nice, happy relationship that you two know will last a long time. Good for you! ^w^.

    68%Bonnie the bunny

    58%Foxy the pirate fox

    54%Freddy Fazbear the bear

    46%Marionette/The Puppet

    39%Toy Bonnie

    35%Balloon Boy


    8%Golden Freddy

    Eh I'm more of a FoxyPerson.

    Jinx Blackclaw Apr 23 '15, 2:05PM
  • Yay I got foxy

    ILOVEFOXY81 Mar 30 '15, 4:39AM
  • Since this quiz has been taken 900+ times, getting to 1000 fast, I'm making a new FNAF romance quiz! Seven Minutes in Heaven with the FNAF guys sounds nice, eh? EHHHH?. EHHHHHHHHHHH?. Sorry, I'm Canadian. No, I'm not kidding.

    Woopkip Mar 26 '15, 11:01PM
  • Actually, Mangle's gender is unconfirmed. But I see it as a girl, too. I was afraid that if I didn't include Mangle in this people would whine that I didn't.

    Woopkip Mar 19 '15, 7:21PM
  • Mangle is a girl

    LokiCat Mar 19 '15, 4:08PM
  • i did not CHEAT but i got Foxy yay lol

    camostar4 Mar 14 '15, 1:01AM

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