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  • "Alright, I've said this to many times before and not followed through with this, but this time I am. I have made the decision "
  • My New Thread
    "When fortune cookies sass back"
  • My New Thread
    "My sister is watching Daz Black"
  • My New Thread
    "1.) Art 2.) Singing 3.) Life Apparently"
  • My New Thread
    "XD I'll check it Danny: x3 I wish sarcasm could be told over the internet"
  • "(Ye~) Damien looked at the muffins on his plate and smiled. They smelled delicious. He picked one up and carefully took a bite,"
  • My New Thread
    "Did I put a wink face there? :/ *:P Oops I don't mean to sound sarcastic xD I'm being honest, didn't mean to"
  • My New Thread
    "Gtg lunch ;P I hope this kid doesn't feel annoyed with me ;o; Bai~! Love ya~"
  • "1.) 5'3 ;o; 2.) Black, Red and Green 3.) I'm immortal, don't ya know? 4.) Sushi :3 5.) W"
  • My New Thread
    "Why? :'D"
  • My New Thread
    "I know who it is xD Nothing much, just sitting at school. Writing on Wattpad. :P You?"
  • My New Thread
    "Hello there xD"
  • My New Thread
    "Okie, I'll try to be on."
  • My New Thread
    "My friend got me into RWBY :'D"
  • My New Thread
    "xD Yeah Yas~!"

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