Would you recognize me away from GTQ?

Ok! Let's see if you would recognize me outside of Go To Quiz! I hope you do really well on this quiz (if you are one of my friends WHiplash, Dogsbudddy, Pheonix, Redrose2, BrOwniebunnie etc.)

Sorry about nameing people. I hope all of my friends do well. Which is everyone on GTQ exception of one person. Good luck and hope you do well. :) XD

Created by: Jinx Blackclaw

  1. Am I male or Female?
  2. What would I do in my free time?
  3. What would I wear on a normal day at school?
  4. What is my name?
  5. What group do you think I hang out with?
  6. If I met you in real life how do you think I would be?
  7. Hmmmmm...... Where do you think I would be most of the time?
  8. what do you think I would do when I met you?
  9. Will you comment? (no effect)
  10. Will you rate?

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