America's Dependence on Oil

How aware are you of America's dependence on oil? Is this as big of an issue as say, Terrorism? Recent polls show that Americans feel this issue is higher in importance than even terrorism. This is understandable considering this issue is the main contributor to terrorists and their attacks.

Take this quiz to find out how knowledgeable you are of this issue. Whether you score high or low, recognize the need to spread this information so that others recognize the problems Americans and people all over the world face today.

Created by: Ali Hashemi
  1. 1980 Collapse of oil prices, 1986 Nuclear Reactor explosion in Chernobyl, and 1990's Earth Summit in Rio Degenero all contributed to what?
  2. What event renewed vigor to stop American addiction to oil?
  3. True or False: Oil is a stable and consistent energy supply?
  4. Which five countries are examples of countries whose oil production has already peaked?
  5. True or false oil production has peaked in the United States?
  6. The U.S. comprises ___% of the world population yet consumes more than ___% of the oil produced in the world.
  7. Addictions are...
  8. True or False: Countries that have a lot of oil tend not to go through economic and political reform that other non oil countries go through.
  9. True or False: Global Warming is NOT a valid scientific phenomenon that results from pollution from consuming oil.
  10. How can we effect a change?
  11. Which forces have come together to make now the right moment to effect a change?
  12. What can I do to help further this cause?

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