Ho much do you know about America?

Many people think they know what America is about, so prove it. Take this easy quiz and show us if you even have a base understanding. I look forward to grading your results.

Can you answer less than twenty questions about the United States of America? Want to show that you at least have some understanding, or that you can make a perfect score and know more than most?

Created by: jason

  1. America's form of government is?
  2. In American, which is your Right and not a privilege?
  3. In America do you have the freedom to Assemble?
  4. Americans must be politically correct when talking in public about politics or religion?
  5. America was born of protest, revolution, and mistrust of government?
  6. Congress controls the governments money?
  7. The Civil War was mostly over...?
  8. Americans have the right to own firearms?
  9. Americans have the right to a speedy trial?
  10. Supreme Court Judges are appointed for a term of 10 years?
  11. How many States are currently in the Union?
  12. The federal government has its own supply of money?
  13. The Constitution (or its amendments) guarantees the right to a basic education for all citizens?
  14. The Constitution (and its amendments) promise a living wage and minimum standard of living to all U.S. citizens.
  15. The term of a U.S. senator is?
  16. The term of a U.S. House representative is?
  17. How many justices are there on the U.S. Supreme Court?

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Quiz topic: Ho much do I know about America?