PD4 South America

Ã?????ou think you know South America? Take this practice test to find out what you know and what you don't. Take this a couple times and then go back and look over your notes so you're ready for the Dozier test.

South America, South America. Take this practice test a few times to get you prepped for the real thing. Dozier's giving us 6 pages and a lot of multiple choice, so you should look over your notes too.

Created by: Steven
  1. What is the longest mountain range located in South America?
  2. What is the 2nd physically largest country in South America?
  3. Who is the current leader of Ecuador?
  4. What is the only English speaking country in South America?
  5. What important river flows through the Llanos?
  6. What is the only South American country controlled by a European power?
  7. Who is the current leader of Bolivia?
  8. What former dictator gained power in Chile in 1973 after a coup?
  9. Which of the following superlatives does not belong to Brazil?
  10. What is the considered to be the most Europe-like country in South America?
  11. What is located on the Southern Coast of Chile?
  12. Where are the Pampas located?
  13. What percentage of South Americans live within 200 miles of the coast?
  14. What South American country could soon become the Western Hemisphere's largest oil and natural gas producer?
  15. In what single location does half of the continent's population live?
  16. Where is the only Mediterranean Climate in South America located?
  17. What language is spoken in Ecuador?
  18. What was the ancient capital of the Incan Empire?
  19. What is the highest capital in the world?
  20. Where is the strongest Indian imprint in South America?
  21. What city is the cultural center of Brazil?
  22. What is the major illegal cash crop of many South American countries?
  23. How large is the Amazon basins compared to the continental US?
  24. How long does the Amazon River run?
  25. What South American country was formerly a member of OPEC?
  26. Because of this man, Japan has "adopted" Peru.
  27. What was Devil's Island used as?
  28. What is the only crop Brazil imports?
  29. What is Angel Falls?
  30. What is the name for slums in Brazil?

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