What is your warriors status?

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This is a quiz to see what status you are in Warriors, the book series. Are you a playful kit? Or perhaps a noble leader. Maybe just a warrior. Now, you'll find out!

So. Do you think you will answer the questions as a kit would. Or kindly like a leader. Maybe just like a warrior. I bet you are wondering. Thanks to this great quiz, you will finally find out!

Created by: Amanda

  1. What color is your pelt?
  2. Your a kit! What did your mother name you?
  3. Yay! Your Clan leader has made you an apprentice! You
  4. Amazing! You have aced the training and are a brave warrior! Your first task is
  5. You are a warrior looking for a mate. His/ her name is
  6. You did such a great job being loyal to your Clan that your leader has made you deputy! You say
  7. Your noble leader has died. You are the deputy and shall take his place. What do you say?
  8. You are an old leader now. You are about to die. What are you last words of wisdom for you Clan.
  9. You are in StarClan. Now what?
  10. You look down on your Clan from StarClan. What are you thinking?

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Quiz topic: What is my warriors status?