Loves Poison: Drayven's Story

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WARNING: IF YOU DON"T LIKE CREEPYPASTA'S DO NOT READ THIS. Now for you Creepypasta fans. Here is the first story in this series. I hope you like it XD

Ok so I said I would write a series called Loves Poison. So I started and here's the first one. I hope you like it and I hope you'll read the next one called Loves Poison: Hinna's Story

Created by: Jinx Blackclaw
  1. The wind blows through the trees, making the bend and crack in the wind. A lone figure walks down the street, her jacket wrapped around her like an big fleece. She turns into the drive way to her home and walks up the cracked steps and opens the front door. Her parents looked up at her breaking their glance from the T.V for a few seconds and then their attention goes back to the T.V
  2. The girl sighs and walks up the stairs, tears glistening her eyes. Before she can get to the top of the steps her parents call her. "Drayven! Come here!". She runs back down the stairs just shivering ever so discretly. "Y-yes." she replies. "Go get us some more chips.' her mom says handing her a smalle blue bowl. Drayven walks into the kitchen and does as she was told. As she last chip falls into the bowl her hands start shakingg and she drops the bag. She runs up to her bedroom and starts to cry
  3. Drayven's tears flow down her face like a cascading river and eventually falls asleep. Drayven tosses and turns and all of a sudden she hears "BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!" and she shoots up out of bed, her heart racing. She rubs her eyes and looks at the clock. The time reads 5:30. Drayven lets out a slight groan and gets out of bed wearing the clothes she had on last night. She walks to hte closet and grabs her leather outfit and puts it on.
  4. Drayven closes the closet door, grabs her backpack and sits on the couch and watches the bland T.V screen, her eyes lifeless but mysterious. She looks at the clock and decides she should walk to school. She openss the front door and sees the cars rush by and people walking their dogs. She looked at them with a longing in her eyes, but started to walk to the school.
  5. Fifteen minutes later Drayven stands in front of the school and sighs heavily. She walks up to the doors and them opens them. She walks down the maze of hallways until she finds the Chorus room. She smiles and then steps inside. Her smile soon disappates as she realizeses there are other inside. She slinks inside as she hears snickers behind her back.
  6. She ignores the snickers and the comments and sits down in her chair at the far corner of the room. She looks up as she hears a doorn open and the teacher walks in. Drayven perks up a bit as she watches the teacher hand out the music. "What are getting excited for Drayven?" a kid sneered. She looked down her face fflushed red from embaressement.
  7. The teacher looked up and said nothing, but she handed Drayven the music. Drayven smiled as tears were forming in her eyes. "Be brave, push through." sht thought. "It'll be over soon." she muttured. She looked up as the teacher told the students to sing. She smiled and sang. One of the kids pushed her off of the platform and she fell. She started to cry and pack her things. She left the room in a blur of blood and tears.
  8. Drayven ran all the way home and slammed her door and locked it. She layed on her bed and thought of everything. She wiped the bood that was on her arms from the fall on her T-Shirt. She started to hum. She didn't leave her bedroom that night or the day after that. After a week her parents started to get worried until one day they heard her singing.
  9. Drayven smiled at sang. "Mama, take this badge off of me I can't use it anymore.It's gettin' dark, too dark to see I feel I'm knockin' on heaven's door." HSe heard the door open and her parents looking in. "Drayven are you ok?" they asked. Drayven just laughed as touched her sharp finger nails and looked up. Her parents gasped. Drayvens eyes were red. Drayven started to sing again and her parents came closer. She could fill there pulse rate increase. She laughed again as they were close enough. She shot out her arm and ripped out there hearts. She smiled and watched them fall to the floor, dead.
  10. Did you like my Creepypasta story for my OC?

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