Creepypasta- Pokemon: Cursed Yellow

This is my first creepypasta, so no negative comments! Please tell me what you thought of it, and tell me what you rated it out of 10. Thanks and I hope you enjoy! =)

Created by: ICEE CHILL
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  1. It starts by the player looking threw his Game Boy games he'd saved for a while. He eventually took out a yellow pokemon cartridge, and decided to play it for the first time even though he's had it all these years. When the player put it into his GBASP and turned it on, the game worked perfectly fine, and also seemed to be fine as the story progressed in the game.... Until he reached Lavender Town.
  2. Every few minutes, the player heard faint noices of what sounded like his Pikachu whimpering, which was odd, because usually Pikachu doesn't make any sound unless you talk to him. Unsure if it was actually their Pikachu or not, they decided to turn around and talk to him. And to their surprise, Pikachu had a very unusual expression on his face, one that the player had never seen before. Pikachu looked very creeped out and scared, with huge wide eyes, shivering with fear. Shockingly, Pikachu started to try and drag the player out of that town, but just simply let go after a second. Confused, the player just overlooked it. This town was already creepy to begin with, so it didn't seem weird at the time.
  3. A few hours later, after obtaining the silph scope, the player headed back to Lavender Town. When he entered the tower, instead of hearing whimpering, this time he heard crying. He looked back too see his Pikachu crying..... blood. Startled and shocked from this, the player went up a few floors, then checked on his Pikachu again. This time, Pikachu appeared to be depressed, scared, stressed, and tugged at the player, apparently trying to get them to leave still, but was hopeless. This time the player realized that this wasn't right. Pikachu doesn't do that in this game, he had watched a friend play this before.
  4. He tried to turn off the game, but right before he did, a text box appeared, saying "You're wrong if you think you can escape the curse!" The screen cut to black for a second, before the battle screen appeared, flickering a few times. Right in front of him was Ghost. And the battle music wasn't playing. The Lavender Town music was playing. The player was creeped out now. He commanded Pikachu to use thunderbolt, but it said he was too scared to move! But the player had the silph scope! How can this be?
  5. Ghost used curse, making the whole screen cut to black. All that could be heard were what seemed to be Pikachu screech in terror. You could hear the ghost's demonic laugh in the background. The player tried turning the GBASP off, but the switch wouldn't budge. He couldn't stand the music, but the volume switch would only make it louder. The screen cut back to the battle. Pikachu fell to the ground, and the text box said "No one can save you now." And Ghost went after the player, the screen cutting to black, with the screeching and demonic laugh once again. Terrified, the player once more tried to turn off the game. Unsuccessful, he threw his GBASP, making it hit the wall, and fall on the ground.
  6. That night, the player kept having nightmares about himself being choked, being haunted by Ghost, hanging himself, and the depressed Pikachu crying blood. He was exhausted the next morning, and barely got any sleep. He decided that a nice day of television would get his mind off of that. Grabbing the remote and pressing the power button, he was terrified to see Ghost on his screen, with words below him saying "You won't get away..." Demonic laughing could be heard from Ghost. The player ran away from the television, scared to death. He kept have the same nightmares happen to him for a few years, and Ghost would always curse him with the same suicide dreams. The player couldn't take it anymore, so he hanged himself in his basement.
  7. Well, that's it! This was my first creepypasta. Please leave a comment and let me know what you thought of it! =)

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