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  • It's been a while.
    "This place finally got a nice make over. :) How long has it been this way?"
  • Why does GTQ still exist?
    "Why does anything still exist?"
  • "Me"
  • "I will taste the hell out of your insides."
  • welp
    "Paint your skin to match his."
  • Hey there, kids.
  • Hey there, kids.
    "It's one of those things you just have to learn to not worry about."
  • hey ya'll
    "I'm a loser because I'm not even in college."
  • Hey there, kids.
    "@rainbowkitty1 Le1F is just being Le1F. Don't worry about it. @RainInTheShadows I actually prefer dark chocolate. While I like "
  • hey ya'll
    "I'm also 18 (turning 19 this year) and don't have a job or license either. I don't think it makes you a loser though. You're still really yo..."
  • Hey there, kids.
    "@rainbowkitty1 What has he done to you? @RainInTheShadows My favorite thing is literally anything chocolate. I'm a chocoholic w"
  • Hey there, kids.
    "I love sugar."
  • Hey there, kids.
    "How has Le1F been?"
  • Hey there, kids.
    "Remember, if they didn't join 2013 it's not me. And if their status isn't Expert it's also not me."
  • Hey there, kids.
    "Looks like my double's back. But in all seriousness I'm just letting ICEE LAND die. It really needs to just die and never see the light agai..."

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