Shoutout Quiz #2

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Well, the title explains it all! This is a shoutout quiz to all the people I think are epic..... And there's also a shoutout to The Geek. (no I'm kidding you're pretty epic too) XP

So, enjoy the shoutout quiz! I'm gonna say this a thousand more times, but I'll put it in here anyway: If you were not in my last shoutout quiz or this one, please leave a comment! I will most likely put you in the next one! =)

Created by: ICEE CHILL
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  1. zomgirl- You said you wanted to be on my next shoutout quiz, so.... You are. XP
  2. The Geek- Just so you know, I probably would've deleted my quizzes sooner if you explained the problem with my pointless quizzes . It's actually very hard for me not to listen to someone if they're nice like that. And I'm so sorry about spamming the new quizzes page! I totally forgot about the new quizzes list! XD
  3. sweetbunny480- Oh my gosh are you dead? (no just kidding) I haven't talked to you as much these past few days! D=
  4. Br0wnies (Brown-Brown)- You're awesome! And also, bunnies are so cute! =3
  5. rockstar98- I still have a chance at becoming experienced before you! An orange status bar won't stop me! XP
  6. EldinsAwesomeGF (Nikki)- I dunno you're awesome! XP
  7. Its Alexxxxx- You're awesome too. XP
  8. Well, that's it! =)
  9. I'm sorry if I forgot you. =( But, if you weren't in this shoutout quiz or my first one and you would like to be, please leave a comment! I will most likely put you in the next one! =)
  10. Bye now! =)

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