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Here is my shoutout quiz! Thanks for reading this, and if you're not in here, either I don't know you, or I forgot you. If I forgot you, sorry. :(

Anyways, so to everyone in here, I wanted to say so much more, but, I dont have the time or room. So just know that if you are in here, I want to say THANK YOU!! So incredibly much. :)

Created by: tenten16

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  1. To begin, I will start with my friends. I'm just naming people that made me smile, laugh, cry...all of the above. Anyways...
  2. First: anri hyuga. You were one of the first people to say hey when I first came on, and you were always happy to see me there. Thank you so much for your...well, being there, and showing me how gotoquiz works!
  3. Next be Selena112: You made me laugh. Same name, good outlook on life. I love your attitude! You're so fun to be around, and I'm glad you were my friend!
  4. Next is Dark22978 and all your "friends." Dang, you were fun!!! You made me laugh with your entire Con and Seltar characters, and overally were a really great person to be around. I'll really miss you! Fun person, you are! :)
  5. Next is Reaper Six. You are so fun! You are simply amazing and just a really great person to talk to. Thanks for being so incredibly fun and Bond-like. Thanks. :)
  6. Next is ZeldaFanatic16. What can I say? You are sooo fun! All the impromptu soaps we did together, all the times we talked. You'r just really fun, and I'm glad I met you.
  7. And now we have absolheart! I don't know where you've been lately, but I had so much fun with you! The soaping we did together, the fact you called me tensi just for fun. Your total randomness, usually just makes my day! You're so fun! Thanks for being my friend. :)
  8. And now we have YuutoNakamura. I don't think I've ever talked to you on gotoquiz, but thanks just the same. You can cheer me up, and make me realize how fun life can be. I'm not sure where I'd be if I didnt know you. Thanks for being such a good friend, and the best co-author I could ever ask for! :)
  9. Now we have Hephaestuschild. I hope I spelled that right. :) Anyways, you and your multiple people you play are so fun! You can make me smile just by looking at the "recent posts." Thanks for being there for me to laugh with, an for helping me out when I needed it.
  10. Now we have NitroTails12. You and your random soaping-ish always made me grin. You could make me smile just by saying "hey Tenten," because I knew you were willing to talk to me. You're really an awesome person! :)
  11. Now comes Nuna! Yay!! :D Anyways, you talked to me a lot, and....and were overall just amazing! What else can I say? Thank you so much.
  12. Now is EvilAngel. We talked a lot on your thread, and you made me laugh so hard so many times. (You know what I'm talking about). Anyways, thanks for talking to me, and sorry that I've gotten on your nerves.
  13. Now, I'm just going to rapid-fire a lot of people who I've talked to whom I think are amazing.
  14. TheColdestSun, dragon ember, VegaKaka, likeaboss, Skyler Potter, Sage Parson, rvelez, DCGirl, Sports9, Xavier, AllHailLelouch, Carri04, WangChang, CherryBombRiots, Nakita, takos_rule, Angelic, ashl3y, 2CUxD, Zane is Here, FluttershyisCute, SecretLie5, WTFNinja, SWAGGIRL, Infinity, Katherine0708, ruby62, i_love_planes, laurenblah, pielovr511, SG115, beastial, and Ranshiin.
  15. And if I forgot you, I'm sorry. Thank you so much to all of you, for making my time at gotoquiz fun and memorable.

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