College Life Part 3

Hello guys. This is my quiz. Yup. Shoutout to Dannica for being an amazing writer and inspiring me to write this seriessss.... I hope it isn't too choppy.

This paragraph doesn't really matter. I always feel bad for it though. Yup. It doesn't really get any recognition. SHOUTOUT TO THE SECOND PARAGRAPH!!! YAY

Created by: RayRay

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  1. Until you are pulled into the light and look up. You see a boy not too older than you. Hazel eyes and brown hair. He was adorable but he didn't seem to find you adorable at all. He growled at you. "Feisty." you say. He doesn't find that funny at all. "________. I don't think you understand the concept that this isn't a game." "Well I know that you have stopped dragging me and growling so that's always a good sign." You didn't know where all these comebacks were coming from. "______. Really? Are you trying to make me laugh?"
  2. "No. I'm just stating the truth." "Aren't you afraid of me?" "No. Actually, I'm not." "Oh. I've never met anyone that isn't afraid of me. Welll.. uh. Your coming with me." "Alright. But I should go back o my camp after a while don't ya think" "Err. No."
  3. He lets you get up but he holds on to you firmly. "Why are you holding me with such a firm grip?" "Well I'm not going to let you get away, am I?" "I guess not." "______. Your pretty funny ya know. I'm starting to like you." "Well you've only known me for about 30 mins and your minions ruined our camp. You have been dragging me through the woods growling at me so I don't know if I'm taking a liking to you." "Understood. But those weren't my minions. I actually rescued you. Those guys were my enemies. I tried to keep you safe. Only one of my guys could help. So I chose you be cause Collie is my half sister and she would of wanted me to." "Half sister?" "Yep.""Why didn't she tell me that she had a brother" "Because she only loves me when I do something nice for her. We don't really get on." "Oh."
  4. "Okay. We're here." "Where are we?" "My house." "Erm. We just met. I don't think I'm ready to take this step." He chuckled. "I'm not looking for you to move in or anything... dirty. I'm letting you stay here until you posse comes and finds you. It is dangerous to be in the woods when you don't know your way." He opens the door. "I have a lot of questions ya know." "Yeah. I know. I'll explain. Are you hungry?" "Well yes. But I would rather sleep then eat." "Okay. Well. I'll tell you who I am while I take you to your room." "Fine." "My name is Daniel. I am... well you may not believe this but... I'm part werewolf." "WHAT?!?!?! Please don't eat me" "Wat? I won't eat you. I half werewolf. I don't turn into one. I just get really strong and fast and can smell from a 25 miles away. "okay but I'm not taking my chances." "That's fine. Ahh. Here it is. You room." It looked like everything you wanted a room to look like. "Woah." "I know." You both walk in and he lets you go. You bolt for the door but he closes it just in time. You chest is pressed against his while both of your hands are on the door knob. You both start intensly staring at each other passionately. You quickly look and pull away. He smiles at you and starts to chuckle. "wHAT?!" "You just make me laugh, _____. I can't explain it. You know I'll have to lock that door when you sleep. Good night." "Night." He leaves you alone in your new room that looks awesome. You find some clothes to sleep in and you jump into bed. You feel a little uncomfortable because it wasn't your own but you soon fall in a deep sleep.
  5. You start to dream. You dream about that you are on a cliff. You look out to the gorgeous ocean. Then someone runs up behind you and holds you in their arms. You turn around and he pushes you off the cliff. You couldn't see his face. You keep falling and screaming and falling and screaming and then. You wake up screaming in a cold sweat. Daniel is there holding your hand and looking super worried. "______! Are you okay?! I came in as soon as I sensed fear. What happened?" "I don't know." You burst into tears and he holds you for what seems like forever but you don't mind because he is warm and nice to hold on to. You see that it is morning and after a while Dan offers you breakfast. You say you want to take a shower first so Dan lets you get ready.
  6. While you're in the shower, you think of Collie, Shane, and Rocky being worried sick. You think about what could possibly happen to them. You hope Dan is telling the truth about being one of the good guys. You start to remember the dream you had about Daniel pushing you off a cliff....Dan.....Daniel. Coincidence?
  7. You get out of the shower and start to pack some clothes in a bag. You reach for your phone as soon as it starts to ring. "Hello?" you say. "_______! Where are you?! Are you okay?! Wherever you are you have to leave! Leave now! The person you're with is bad and he isn't there to help you!! Don't believe anything he says!!" "Rocky? What do you mean don't belie...." "________! Get out quick!!! I have to go! I will try to help you in any way I can!! Just try to leave now!" You rush to put some clothes in a bag and things that are vital to living when you hear a knock at the door. "_______? Is everything okaY? Do you need anything?" "No. No. I'm fine thanks." "Can I come in?" "NO! I mean... no? Not yet... I'm... err... getting dressed." "Okay... I'll be waiting downstairs if you need anything." "Okay."
  8. You finish doing everything you need to do. You walk towards down the stairs as quietly as you can. Then you stash your bag behind a box and walk towards the kitchen. "Hey." "Hey _____. How's it going?" "Good..." "Do you want something to eat?" "No thanks.. I'm not hungry." "Suit yourself." "I'm just going to the bathroom." "Okay. Meet me in the living room if you want to watch tv with me." "Okay." You walk towards your bag and make a run for the door. You slowly twist the doorknob and figure out that it's locked. You try to find another door but there is none in sight. "You think I would be that stupid as to keep the door unlocked. I knew you would try and run away which is why I kept you locked up in your room." "You can't hold me here forever." "Who said you would still be alive while I was keeping you?" You back away slowly and run to your room. You grab a hammer on the way from the toolbox in the room across from yours. You lock your door and collapse on your bed. You look to the window and then start trying to smash it with your hammer. You feel adrenaline rushing through your body and you already feel it breaking. It breaks with a loud shatter. You grab your bag and hop out of the window and fall onto the wet grass with a thud. You start to run and run and run into the forest until you couldn't run anymore.
  9. You see a silhouette of a person coming towards you. You start to run faster than you were before with the wind flapping against you hair and the rain dampening your clothes. As you were running you trip on a rock and roll your ankle and fall into a ditch. You find it hard to get up because you are in so much pain. You see the silhouette getting closer... and closer.... and closer... until...
  10. Cliffhangerrrr!!!! Sorry guys but ya know. I had to put it there. Sorry to break it to ya.

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