College Life Part 1

This is the next part of my series Twisted. I am not quite sure when I will make part 2 but I will try and make it as soon as I can. I hope you enjoy.

I don't know why this has to be so long. It isn't that important with my quiz so I am just going to fill this with blah and boring crap. Oh come one characters! Thank you!

Created by: RayRay

  1. You read the note and it said, 'Does Collie ever talk about me?' This note just melted your heart. You thought Richard liked you but it seemed to look like he liked your best friend Collie. You wrote back the truth, 'No. Never.' He wrote back, 'Good, because I don't want to break her heart when I ask you to the dance. So will you go with me?' Smooth you thought. You wrote back, 'Yes.' Then he smiled at you and crumpled up the paper. Mr. Grundle started talking about (_______)(insert what you wanted to study in college here. Such as, law, psychology, banking... blah blah blah.)After class you talk about the community dance with Collie. "He asked you?!" "Yes!!! I am sooooo excited! Has anyone asked you yet?" "Yes. Joshua asked me!!!" "OMG!!! That is awesome!!!! I am so glad we both have dates. Hey, since it is lunchtime for 3 hours why don't we grab some lunch at the mall and start looking for dresses?" "That sounds like a lot of fun!!! Let's invite Julia though. She is feeling really left out and she actually got a date.... with a nerd..... but still." "Okay. That's fine. Maybe we could give her a makeover?" "If she'll let us!" You both go over to Julia and ask her if she wanted to come to the mall and she said yes. So you head out to the mall and you decide to go to a restaurant called Westies.
  2. The first shop you went to is a dress and jewelry shop called, 'Make me over.' You go over and see a gorgeous dress (colour of your choice). You call Collie and Julia over and they said that you should definitely get it. So take it to the till swipe your credit card and it was all yours. You see Collie and Julia have also picked out gorgeous gowns and they pay for theirs too.
  3. You all decide to go and get some frozen yogurt and happened to see Richard, Joshua, and Craig (Julia's date). They call you all over to eat some frozen yogurt with them. You start talking about the dance and you find out that they all have their suits too. Then you look to the door and see James and his girlfriend Thalia walk in and just happened to come over to our table. Thalia was holding a slushie in her hand and asked me, "Are you going to the dance?" "Yes." "Wwho would ask you?" "I would," said Richard. Then suddenly she poured to slushie all over your head and you screamed for about 3 seconds. Thalia walked away but James stayed and said," Oh my God. _________ I am so sorry about my girlfriend. She gets a bit weird sometimes." "Don't worry about it!" Then you stormed of to the girls room. Collie chased after you and when you both get there you choke yourself with all your tears. You start to cough heavily and Collie decides to take you to the nurse.
  4. The nurse sat you up on a chair since you were still coughing and it was starting to hurt. Then suddenly you started coughing up blood. It gets all over your slushie stained clothes. The nurse calls the ambulance and they carry you off into the emergency room. Then you go into a deep unconciousness. You hear your named being called. You see your roomate Collie shaking you to wake you up for...... your first day of college? You shake it off and take a shower and get dressed in clothes of your choice. You tie up your hair and go to your first class. You sit next to Collie and your crush Richard. He passes you a note and for some reason you already know what he was going to write so instead you say, "I will go to the dance with you Richard." He looks a little confused and then he looks relieved and he says," Awesome." You finish your classes and then go to lunch. You surprisingly know what Collie was going to tell you so you say, "Congrats! I heard Joshua asked you out!!" "Yeh. How'd you know?" "Lucky guess?! We should go to the mall and look for dresses with Julia." "Sounds like fun!" You go to the mall with Julia and buy dresses that all looked fabulous. Then you all decided to get some.... frozen yogurt?
  5. You see the guys and they call you all over to eat some frozen yogurt with them. You talk about the dance and their outfits when you see James and Thalia walk through the door. You see the slushie in her hand and she... again.... happened to walk over to your table. You stand up grab her slushie and throw it all over her and say, "Don't even think about it!" She screams and runs away screaming and James chases after her. "________!" Collie says. "What?!" you say. "Why'd you do that?!" "Because she was going to do it to me." "How did you know?" "Because I've lived this day before." You start eating your frozen yogurt and you start to choke you start coughing even more heavily and then you hear someone calling your name....
  6. You wake up in your dorm and you see Collie come through the door. "Oh _____. Your awake. You had a really bad cough when we went to buy our dresses. Thalia threw that slushie on you remember?" "Yep." "How are you feeling?" "Better" "I tole the professer what happened and he wanted me to give you your homework assignment." "Thank you Collie. For everything." "That's what friends are for." Then she smiled and you fell back into a deep sleep. You dream of......
  7. You dream of laying in a beautiful field full of flowers and tall grass. Then suddenly you fall into the sea and you are drowning and you can't get out of the water and you can't wake yourself up. Then suddenly you see a fish and the fish come up to your face but then you realize it wasn't a fish. It was a boy. He puts his lips to yours and gives you some air. You wake up and breathe heavily. You decide to get something to eat since you are quite hungry. You go to your fridge in you dorm and get some (_______) (Food of your choice.)
  8. You hear a knock at the door and you see the handle turning slowly. You see the door creak open and you decide to hide. You hide in the closet and you creak it open. You see a guy with a knife in his hand and he looks right at you. You don't know if he saw you but he is coming towards you with a stern face. You move back and knock over some boxes. He starts moving quicker and when he reaches you he.......
  9. Cliffhanger guys!!! Sorry but it seemed interesting to put it there.
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