Twisted Part 4

I hope you enjoy my quiz. This will be the last part to this part but I will be writing a new part to my series called 'College Life.' I hope you check it out once I get Part one out.

You don't really have to read this paragraph. I just needed to get enough characters so I am just writing random crap. So I hope you check out my new series which is part of this one.

Created by: RayRay
  1. You hop through the mirror and see a boy about your age with gorgeous dark hair, green-hazel eyes, cute dimples, tan, great smile, and a gorgeous build. You wonder what powers he had. Then he said, "I'm a mind reader and I am a vampiger." You give him a confused face. "A tiger with vampire abilities such as the teeth, super speed, blah blah. " "Huh" you say caught off guard. He sighs, " Do I have to repeat myself?" "Oh. No." Rocky said, "Don't talk to her like that!" "Don't tell me how to talk to people. You're not my mother. Even if you were I wouldn't give a f***. Oh and ______ my name is Dan." Stop reading my mind you think."Fine. Fine," he said.
  2. "I was just wondering if I could come along???" "I don't know if I can trust you." "Well, that's your choice but without me you are going to be very lost in this place. I grew up here and weirdly I didn't turn out evil like my brother who is the leader. I have a map of all the booby traps and it's not everyday you get to see a vampiger. We are very rare. I just happened to be born from freaks. Both of my parents died when I was you..." "Alright. We don't need to hear your life story right now.Our friend is still captured. You can come but if we have any trouble you won't enjoy the outcome," said Jimmy. Dan had some hurt on his face but soon cheered up when he caught your gaze.
  3. You all set off through the woods and come to find a maze. Dan took out his map and led us through easily. Then to our surprise you find three men and a girl all glaring at you and the boys. You stare at each other worriedly and then you all get into a fighting stance. The others do the same and next thing you know we are all fighting each other. Mentally throwing rocks, teleporting, slicing, getting cuts and bruises. After you kill your opponent you look around and see Dalia laying on the ground in a pool of blood. You run over to her. You check her pulse but there was none. Rocky said that he tried to help her but she was to stuck up with pride to let him help. You see a huge hole right where her heart should be. Her opponent was laying on the floor dead too. They obviously went at each other at the same time in the same place. You feel a tear roll down your cheek but since she wasn't your best friend and the past incidents you didn't feel as sad as when Maria and your mom died. Dan saw you cry a little and gave you a tight reassuring squeeze. You held him tight. When you felt him let go a little you squeezed him tighter. You never wanted to let go. Then Rocky said, "Guys I think that's enough hugging for one day. We still need to find Josh. Who knows what they're doing to him. Lisa suddenly burst into tears. "Nice going Rocky," Jessica shout-whispered. "Sorry," he shout- whispered back.
  4. You all continue once Lisa stopped crying. You had to leave Dalia behind because Jimmy thought she'd slow us down and bring back sad memories. It was getting dark so you all decided to rest at the nearby cave. We decided to have two people stay up to keep watch. Tonight was Jessica and Jimmy. Everyone else fell asleep immediately except from you. You hear talking from outside and thought it was Jimmy and Jessica but just to check you went outside in your invisible form and saw Jessica and Jimmy.... KISSING??!!! "I love you so much Jimmy and I don't want to hide that anymore. I think we should tell them." "I know we should Jess. I just need to find the right time. I just don't know when." "WELL YOU DON'T NEED TO NOW! " you yell and go back to the cave to sleep. You fall asleep straight away and start to dream.
  5. You dream that you are laying in 6ft. tall grass and you are watching the sun move across the sky. Then you see it coming towards you slowly blinding you with how bright it is. Then when you look away all you can see is darkness. You look around and all you can see is darkness. You suddenly came to a conclusion that you were blinded by the sun's powerful rays. You start to scream and then you suddenly wake up with Dan and Rocky hovering over each side of you. You see Jimmy and Jessica sit down for a rest and when Rocky and Dan left to get some food Jimmy came over to you. "Look. _______, I know you might be angry. I am so sorry I didn't tell you. I didn't think we were official yet." "How do you know it was me?" "Who else has invisibility in here?" He lets out a chuckle but you don't laugh at all. "Wow. Tough crowd," he said. That's when you giggle a little bit. "I hope we can still can be friends" and he leaves without another word or action.
  6. You all set out after you have some fruit for breakfast. This time Rocky, Jimmy are going to the right of the forest and, Jessica, and Lisa are going to the front of the forest with the other map that Dan had. You and Dan decided to go the left of the forest. You were glad to be spending some time with him. "Hey ________." "Yes?" "Do you and Rocky have a... thing?" "No. Why do you ask?" "Oh no reason." "There has to be a reason." " Well, he talks about you all the time and whenever I try to talk to you he's always really protective. I feel like I can't talk to you without his permission or something." "Well, Dan. You are welcome to talk to me whenever you want."
  7. You and Dan walk to the end of the forest and come to a cliff with a huge castle in the distance. The cliff was the biggest cliff you had ever seen in your life. Dan looks at you and then you see an evil grin on his face.
  8. Dan pushes you off the cliff and you are falling and falling and falling until you hear your name being called. Louder and Louder. Then BOOM. You wake up. You are laying in your bed at home. Your roommate calling your name to wake you up for your first day of college.
  9. "____________! Wake up we are going to be late for our first day. You see your roommate Collie shaking you awake. You get up reluctantly and think about the dream you just had. You decide to take a quick shower and wash your hair. You tie up your hair and put on clothes of your choice. While you're walking to your first class you tell Collie about your dream and she said, " That's Twisted alright!" Then you two walk to your first class and get prepared to listen to a long lecture. You turn to your right to see Collie and then you turn to your left and see Richard. He has been your crush ever since the first day you met him. He passed you a note before class started and it said.....
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!! Sorry guys but I had to put it there.
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